A more in-depth look

Here is a closer look at the many roles and functions of the WLPCA:

Representing Residents:

  • At City Council
  •  At public meetings
  •  At Open Houses
  •  With City staff
  •  On Steering Committees
  •  Before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
  •  At the Mississauga Residents’ Association Network (MIRANET)

Compiling and distributing information on:

  •  The District plan
  •  Government Initiatives
  •  New developments
  •  Renovations
  •  In-fill developments

Producing and Distributing News:

  •  Informing the community of local events
  • Coordinate collective action

Advising on Safety Environmental concerns including:

  •  Environmental impact of Developers
  •  Wildlife
  •  Bug infestations
  •  Use of parks and greenbelts
  •  Traffic and driving habits

Supporting Cultural Heritage in our community:

  •  Benares Historic House
  •  Bradley Museum
  •  Local Heritage sites and events

Helping to maintain the character of the Community through supporting local facilities including:

  •  Whiteoaks Park
  •  Birchwood Park
  • Twin Oaks Dell Park