Please join us virtually for our 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Stay after the meeting and hear from Councillor Karen Ras on topics important to our neighbourhood, like:

  • Vehicle noise bylaws
  • Shaping Clarkson as a cultural district – how Clarkson Village BIA is working with Karen to encourage businesses to open up in our area and catering to pedestrians
  • Potential speedbumps on Truscott
  • LDD moth (formerly known as gypsy moth) plans for spraying
  • Infill development plans in Ward 2
  • Water main work in Ward 2 for 2022
  • QEW bridge plans for 2022
  • Traffic issues/considerations moving to 40kph on all streets, reconfiguring intersection of Lakeshore/Clarkson, will Dundas St be renamed in Mississauga (similar to Toronto) more bike lanes in Mississauga , slow street/speed hump on Christopher Rd