What the WLPCA Board of Directors has been up to in 2020

So much has changed since we last met at our Family Day Skate. We may not have met in person, but the WLPCA Board has been working hard on your behalf. Here’s what we’ve been up to: 

  • Discussions on vacant buildings on Clarkson Rd (at train tracks) with Councillor Ras and property owners
  • Noise By-law deputation to City Council and a press release about proposed changes, which were not provided for community consultation.
    • WLPCA has been active with the Mississauga Residents’ Associations Network (Miranet) to raise residents’ concerns with proposed changes to Mississauga’s Noise Control By-law. Miranet is presently drafting concerns for review by the Mayor and Members of Council for Mississauga as the Council considers public comments amid prospective legislative change.
    • WLPCA is engaged to assist Miranet in preparing its comments on the proposed revisions to the Noise Control By-Law. Residents have concern that some of the proposed changes (e.g. expansion of the time frames in which noise will be legally tolerated) may have detrimental effects on the quality of life of residents in Lorne Park and may ultimately permit further nuisance from noise and noise pollution. Members interested in this matter are encouraged to contact info@wlpca.ca for information on how volunteer efforts can be made. 
  • Letter to the Mayor about running of Council meeting and a press release
  • Covid-19 Items:
    • Virtually attending the Mayor’s update meetings
    • Virtually attending bi-weekly Councillor update meetings
    • Virtually attending weekly Council meetings
    • Letter to politicians against Airbnb pandemic relief
    • Asking Council questions about pandemic’s impact to budget
    • Following up with Councillor on park signage, lack of physical distancing, speeding, and garbage in public spaces
    • Providing daily COVID-19 statistics
    • Providing updates from Peel Health
    • Providing updates from Peel District Board of Education
    • Providing updates on neighbourhood activities


WLPCA is expanding our Board!

We’re looking for Lorne Park residents to join our volunteer Board of Directors and assist with our mission to enhance, engage, and promote our community.

•  Are you passionate about our neighbourhood?

•  Would you like to engage with neighbours to plan and run events?

•  Would you like to engage with local community leaders?

Creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge of finance, event planning, or marketing is a plus. Prior Board experience is an asset but not mandatory. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us at info@wlpca.ca.


  1. (Mr.) Lea Hill

    Re Discussions on the properties on Clarkson Road at the railway tracks:

    These buildings have been vacant/boarded up since we moved here 30 years ago. I see you have had discussions with the owners and Karen Ras. So what is the situation? Update us please!

    • Cathy Easton

      The property owner was requesting a variance be made on a temporary basis for commercial use. However, City staff is staying with their recommendation of refusing the request. The property is zoned “D” and was previously zoned residential with temporary commercial variances. Unfortunately, the City cannot give a variance on a D zone but has offered the property owner an opportunity to conduct a City initiated re-zoning, however work is required prior to this.

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