2019 AGM – Nov 19th

Please join us on Nov 19th, 2019 for our Annual General Meeting. Invited guests: MP Spengemann, MPP Cuzzetto, Mayor Crombie, and Councillor Ras. Peel Police will speak about safety. Lorne Park Secondary School Lecture Hall. Timing to be confirmed. Renew your membership in person or online. Join us after the meeting for a social to meet your neighbours and a look into the past with historic Lorne Park photos. Donations to the Compass Food Bank greatly appreciated.


  1. linda gordon

    On the website in 2 different sections, it shows that the 2019 AGM is on Nov. 17 and also Nov 19.

    Which one is correct? I am assuming that Tues., Nov. 19th is the correct date, as previous AGM’s have been held on a weekday, usually a Monday.

    • Cathy Easton

      Hi Linda, thanks for catching this. Yes, it’s Tue Nov 19th. Will correct.

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